Dust in the wind

Have you ever noticed how everything is really nothing else but dust in the wind ? Like ... what are we in the great scheme of things ? Nothing really. A lifetime could be considered a split second compared to the age of the universe. Yet our life could be considered insanely long when it... Citește în continuare →

meaningless nonsense.

Oh, the blank page to greet me once again. Like so many times before... We meet again, beautiful ! Are you ready to record my thoughts ? I'll go on rumbling about nothing. So if you want to save some time, this is your chance to Ctrl + F4 my mind. I'm in a new... Citește în continuare →

December getaway

Sfarsitul de Nov./ inceputul de Dec. a marcat o mini-excursie de 4 zile in tot atatea tari. A fost prima excursie in care desi am avut aparatul foto cu mine, nu l-am folosit deloc. 😦 Toate pozele sunt facute cu telefonul. Inca nu stiu de ce am procedat asa, dar na ... this is it.... Citește în continuare →

level up!

I.ve reached level 29 in life and I have to admit it is a bit different than what I.ve expected. I don.t even know where to start with the things that changed from the previous level. So … not necessarily in this order, here’s what’s up. On the personal level, well, a shitload of stuff... Citește în continuare →

Two sides of the same coin.

There is a special moment when you get off your bike only to admire the mountains. From the agility of a speed bike to the stillness of nature. From holding your breath while cornering to deep inhalations of mountain air. From wide open eyes and alertness to closed eyes and calmness.  Although they seem opposite they... Citește în continuare →

Making memories.

Vroiam sa mai prelungesc putin momentul dar inevitabilul s-a intamplat. Astazi a fost tura in care ea m-a captivat, m-a fermecat si m-a convins. Zic faptul ca "inevitabilul" s-a intamplat deoarece planuiam sa ma bucur de perioada de acomodare ceva mai mult timp. Sa trecem prin mai multe situatii pana sa fiu convins. Insa ziua... Citește în continuare →