Riding in the rain.

Starting my second season as a rider it got me thinking about the pros and cons of riding in the rain.
First of all, well … it’s raining, then, you get droplets of water on your face and on your clothes, the helmet gets foggy, cars are splashing dirty water on you, wind is blowing and you just know it’s gonna be nasty.
Second of all, getting dressed takes as long as it would take an average girl to get ready for going out. You have the thermal layer, then the office-walking-around (or working) layer, the motorcycle jacket, the pants, the gloves, the balaclava, the boots and the helmet. Then (there’s more! ) you have the rain and windproof suit. … and you’re done ! (that of course, if put on all your clothing pieces in the right order. 😀 … i messed up a few times but practice makes perfect).
Third of all, you must undress the bike. Take it’s cover off, all its security features, start it, wait for it to warm up (while you’re getting rained on) and finally, put it in gear and take off.
Now, when you reach your destination, you’re doing everything again but in the reversed order 😀 (… stoping at which layer seems suited for your … *ahem* … activities).
All of these might take some time. Way more than it would take if you’d choose the car.
However, despite all the downsides, I like riding in the rain. It gives me a soothing feeling and it puts a big grin on my face (… but it’s inside the helmet so you can’t see it).
When you’re driving the car, getting home is a normal expectation. It’s the natural thought that comes to mind. But when you’re on the bike, getting home becomes a challenge. It’s no longer a sure thing. You have to battle the rain and the wind of Mother Nature, the cars and chaotic driving of Mother Man while knowing that the tiniest mistake can be fatal. (Yeah, no pressure !) You’re not protected, you don’t have a metal frame surrounding you and yet you are surrounded by them.
Getting home safely and smiling is how you know you survived the challenge. I’m not an adrenaline junkie but I live for the rush of seeing my bike parked quietly and safe. I always turn my head to look at it while moving away. It’s how i know i made the right choice.
Ride safe and ride often ! May the passion of riding never die !



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