The road not taken.

When it comes to the road not taken we all have the what ifs that haunts our present. Whether it is a professional or a personal matter there is always one thing out there bugging us. I like to think about these stuff and make scenarios out of what it happend. What if instead of engineering I chosen the artistic side of life ? Photography, writing or painting ? Probably I wouldn’t have been a successful world-known painter, but perhaps a decent author of photographer ? What if instead of mechanical / oil & gas industry I pursued the mechatronics or civil engineering ? Where would I be now ?

What if I chosen sports ? Basketball, football or volleyball … would any of these make me an international superstar ? Given the right attitude and approach towards the sport, of course. What if I had married my first girlfriend ? What if the last relationship wouldn’t have ended ? Where would that leave me ? Thousands of scenarios and every single one of them more beautiful then the one before. I like my imagination. It’s hungry, curious, rebel and never settles for the usual clicheic responses.

It’s safe for me to say that I have a few regrets about the person become. asked people what I wanted to ask them. got my answers. Positive or negative. But I had answers not what-is. Would liked my life to turn out differently ? Maybe. But I.m not sad for where I am. The road not taken (for me) is best left for imagination and not regrets. The grass is greener on the other side? Sure. Let’s think that way. Let’s fantasize about that and then get back to watering our own grass. Make ours more beautiful than our neighbours’.

There is still time for us to choose what we want to do in life. I.m not gonna work forever a 9 to 5 schedule and sure as hell won’t wait for a retiring pension to live on when I.m old. We can still cross roads with the one we wanted to take some time ago. Embrace change and don’t be afraid of the outcome. Failure is just a stepping stone in our quest towards fulfilling a dream.


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  1. In caz ca nu l-ai vazut inca, iti recomand filmul Mr. Nobody.
    Cu totii avem ganduri de „cum ar fi fost daca..” Dar tind sa cred ca fiecare decizie luata este cea buna, indiferent unde duce. Este cea mai buna decizie pe care o putem lua la momentul dat si in circumstantele date. Pe mine asta ma uimeste. Cum sa fie cea mai buna decizie pe care as fi putut-o lua cand ea a dus chiar la esec? Ma uimeste cat control avem asupra vietii noastre.

    Iar imaginatia este intr-adevar un partener de calatorie fantastic. Si eu o iubesc pe a mea :).


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