What is next ?

Oversleeping and two strong double coffees made my morning be energetic AF. I was feeling tired but now, at least for now, I feel great and in the mood to plan my future and my life. Just kiddin’ …

But I did saw an interesting pattern on my facebook posts throughout the years. It’s the first time this „Facebook Memories” thing is working in my favour.  I’ve done a quick collage with four of these memories.
The first one was a day I spent in Mures at the Weekend complex. The relaxing mood was given by the good weather and the time wasted getting burnt by the sun while looking at the spring flowers. It sounds funny (and by funny I mean lame), but it did the job in making me feel good.

The year that followed was an awesome night, where along with some friends, woke up very early in the AM, went outside the city to watch the meteor shower. I remember two of us taking the bikes, camera in the backpack and following the curvy road into the night. Some took the car because we needed responsible adults with us 😀 … We watched the stars fall left and right, I remember counting around  seven, even saw the ISS on its trajectory. Some of us weren’t so lucky with seeing the stars, but the sunrise made up for that. We went in a different place to see the sunrise and my God ! .. it was breathtaking. A memory that will last for a lifetime.

Last year, the beginning of May caught us on our way to London. Planned and executed close to perfection. It were five days that left me in shock and awe, and it took a great deal of months to make me functional again. It changed and made me craving for more of this feeling.

And this year, this beginning of May found me in Bamberg, Germeny. It was Father’s Day so nobody was working here. We took the day off and planned a one day getaway. The city, the feeling, the views, everything made see things in a different perspective. I will write more on this subject in my German experience series.


So … what’s next ? Well, next year I.m sure as hell I don.t want to be in the same place. I will not be in the same place. It could still be Cluj, I.ll do my best to be a different city, but as a person, I will be different. I can see myself changing. Being is becoming. Becoming for the better. The future is looking good and when it doesn’t, it means I.m not looking at it the right way. I have awesome friends and a loving family for whom I.m grateful. (btw, thanks guys for putting up with me). Also a big thank you for the memories so far and looking forward to new ones !




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