The German experience (III)

Munich-ul a inceput mai tarziu decat ma asteptam, dar given the night that passed si ora tarzie de culcare, nu puteam avea pretentii :D. Nu reusisem sa fac nici un plan de explorare al orasului, dar aveam totul la indemana to make the most of my visit. But I was in for a surprise. A plan has already been made. Theus was kind enough to be our local guide to show us both the known and the unknown beauties of this city.

Right after breakfast, ne-am pornit intr-o plimbare nedefinita spre inchirierea unor biciclete. Acesta locatie nedefinita ne-a permis sa ne ratacim in cautarea noastra, astfel incat sa vedem si stradutele din spatele bulevardelor. Overall, the impression was pleasant but somehow I was unconvinced. From classic to modern, from stationary to dynamic, I have to admit it had everything. Extreme atat la masini si motoare (vechi, noi, intretinute sau nu) cat si la oameni (grabiti, linistiti, aranjati, nearanjati, calzi, reci) sau la strazi (puse la punct, in constructii, aerisite sau aglomerate). Inchieratul bicicletelor a fost o miscare buna pentru ca avand putin timp la dispozitie, am putut acoperi o distanta mai mare in vizita noastra. (as it turned out later that evening 17 km mers pe jos si 20 pe bicle)

Prima oprire a fost in the English Garden. Si intr-un loc specific pe raul Eisbach. The surfing spot. Munich actually has a river where you can surf ! Oh, and it gets better. This place offers one of the best European waves for surfing and it.s been around from the early 70s. Also, Munich has given the world some of the best surfers and created the first true community for surfing on an inland river. (or at least this is what wiki told me) Crazy, right ? Oh, and it’s been said that Munich has more surfing clubs than Hawaii. (dunno if true, but I.m still hung up on the fact that you can fucking surf in the middle of Munich ! 😀 ). And at this point, if thinking you cannot be surprised any more, check this out… English Garden is bigger than Central Park. Mind=blown.

De la unconvinced am trecut la amazed: surfing in the heart of Europe in the world’s largest urban park. Neat ! Restul explorarii in acest parc only rose my amazement higher. The Chinese Monument, The Japanese Garden or the open air theater were just some of the things we passed by. Parcul era animat de oameni care alergau, bicicleau, rolau sau se jucau, fie cu caini fie cu copii 😀 … It was just like the movies. Just like in London I saw small kids in uniforms with big backpacks laughing and crossing the streets. Stereotype scenes you see on  screens.

De la verdele natural si explorarea pe axele X-Y, ne-am organizat sa luam altitudine sa vedem acest „verde” intr-un context mai amplu. Zis si facut. Si ce vantage point mai bun decat unul care nu e foarte cunoscut turistilor ? The rooftop of the Technical University. Which also has a bar. So yeah … beat that UPM ! 😀 … Needless to say, privelistea era minunata. All the skyline of Munich was before my eyes. But what really made me eyegasm, were the Alps. Seeing all the way into Austria. Instant mi-am adus aminte de Grosslockner si de dorinta de a-mi dansa Hornet.ul pe formele serpuite ale muntelui. It was another landscape that had awaken something in me. But for the moment I put that craving on hold and got back in the present German time. It was the time for the afternoon visits.

We started with the place were Oktoberfest is held. And let me tell you .. it is crazy huge ! Seeing that place empty, makes you realize the vast space where hundreds of thousands of liters of beer are flowing. This place also has it.s own building where you can find either the police or the doctors. 😀 And yes, it.s on my to do list to be part of an Oktoberfest festival. ( Oh, and talking about the beer in Germany, you have to try them all. At least once ! ). We let the amazement to settle by taking a break at a biergarden and a nap on the river’s shore. After we took the bicycles back we visited the Marienplatz, and a few other places that I.m to tired to think about.

[spoiler: urmeaza o parte irelevanta de sentimente care nu ar trebui sa fie aici. I strongly recommend you to skip it. I just wrote it to remember the feeling. Seriously, skip it] [last chance … ] Scriu la partea asta de articol de 3 zile si nu pot lega niste expresii coerente care sa.mi placa. Jet lag, oboseala, nervi, there’s no point in hiding that even though I.m having a great time in Germany, there are a few things that could be better. (note to self, see the writing from you windmuller pocketbook. It’s all there … )



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