Dust in the wind

Have you ever noticed how everything is really nothing else but dust in the wind ? Like … what are we in the great scheme of things ? Nothing really. A lifetime could be considered a split second compared to the age of the universe. Yet our life could be considered insanely long when it comes to a butterfly’s perspective. Everything and anything is relative and it has at least two sides. But in the end nothing truly matters except the present moment. The moment where the dust is blown by the wind and its journey is the main event. Not where it started nor where it will end. Just the current second and the next and the next. Does it matter the grades we had in high school ? No, not really. Could.ve we been in a different place right now ? Maybe. Maybe not. Do we really know what or where we would.ve ended up ? Maybe in the exact same spot. Maybe better. Maybe worse. Is it worth thinking about a situation where we did or didn’t do what we were meant to ? Not really since there is no way of going back and change it. Is it worth crying over a best friend who decided to leave our life ? Not really. We’re allowed to feel these things, and we should, but eventually these are too, dust in the wind. What about future ? I.ll say dust in the wind also. Any guarantees that the way we think about it is the same way that it will happen ? Not really since there is only our perspective to see it through. We don’t have a different one to know better. Maybe our perspective will change in the next 5 minutes, days or weeks. Will we look at the future the same way ? Probably not. Then everything that remains is the present moment. The beauty of it is that we get to control how the dance of these grains of sand is taking place. Oh, the beauty of the now and its passion and its charm. All the feelings of letting go where you give liberty to the heart and take control away from the brain. Losing yourself in music is one of the best ways through which you dance with your heart and keep the brain alone on the bench where nobody is inviting him to dance. It’s only natural for him to want to sabotage you. Take someones face in your hands and kiss it deeply and prolonged. The heart is smiling while the brain is fantasizing at potential what ifs. Nothing is sweeter than the moment that makes us happy in the split second we call present. And then the next one. And the next one. A lengthy kiss, a never-ending dance, a strong hug or getting lost in someones eyes. The present of the present. Everything else is just … dust in the wind.


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